An Interview with Flash!

StarCraft Jon “Sp1ralArch1tect” Benn

Last night Flash put a smackdown on Stork going 3-0 for the OSL title. Here is an interview from the winners circle once again thanks to fing80.

- Do you have anything to say after winning OSL?
It feels great to win the OSL. Especially since I debuted about a year ago. So I have to make a greater effort.

- Did you expect 3:0 ?
Sure. I knew i would go 3:0. Or else I expected it would have been difficult.
So I prepared to lose the game if it was not 3:0.It was just as I had expected.

- Why do you think so?
The 4th match on the map Fantasy would have been tough. If we got the 5th match, I was expecting a fifty-fifty chance to win. So I knew I had to win 3:0 or it would be hard.

- You went with a bunker rush after proxy barrcks on the 2nd match. What is the reason you did this? You were a game ahead? did you try it on a whim? If not did You make arrangements beforehand?

I have made arrangements beforehand you have seen all strategy today.
I expected Stork rise to the bait for my psychological warfare. So he naturally did it.

(note: Before the finals, Flash said "I am going to beat you by 'anti-carrier build' strategy" this excited Stork. In opposition, Stork said "I already analyzed your strategy. I am going to break you")

- Who did you practice with? How long have you practiced?
Players from our team and STX helped me. I want to say thank you. I only practice and ate nothing else. I practiced non stop without rest.

- You played the finals without using your 'anti-carrier build' strategy.
I came to the conclusion that I couldn't use it because of the outcome of a 'anti-carrier build'. After I discussed it with our team, I prepared another strategy except 'anti-carrier build'. So I prepared he never to expect it.

- You set a record as the youngest winner of OSL ever.
It feels so good. I believe It will not be broken ever again. It's likely that any player that could break the record will not ever appear.

- If you could choose rivals in each race, Who would they be?
I think for Zerg it is Lecaf JaeDong, Protoss is SKT Bisu and Terran no one has come up yet.

- Do you have any goals for the future?
My goal is to be the winner of the next season. I want to make a grand slam after winning all the pro leagues and personal leagues.

- Do you think you have your own personal play-style is?
To tell you the truth, there is not any style that is my style. It's likely that my style is hard to predict what I will do.

- What did you hear from your family?
They celebrated for me. I was able to be a pro-gamer because of my parents help. I'd like to serve much more filial duties for my parents.

- You beat Stork again after the GSI.
At the GOMTV Star Invitational I was lucky. Although I hardly practiced, Luckliy I won. But I prepared so hard this finals. So I could be the winner.

- The e-sports award is around the corner. You have a good chance to get the prize of year's rookie and the prize of the year's Terran.
I don't want to lose both of the prizes. However it couldn't be taken even if I wanted to take it. I will just wait for the results of my fans and the press groups vote.

- For the last question, do you have anything to say?
I'll try my best to show my ability and progress. Thanks to my fans, the executive office staff, the coaching staff, the players and my family who came here for cheer me.

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