Which Northern Star Shines the Brightest?

Posted by Frida "Vilda" Hultman at 25 February 2008 00:52

The lack of events lately have made us all missing the good old glory days of StarCraft, but it is not over yet. Heaven.ReV has decided to host an event he chose to call Nordic StarLeague.

Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark musters a whole bunch of very skilled Starcraft players. GosuGamers hosted the GGNL – GosuGamers Nordic League – almost exactly 3 years ago. The whole event was won by no one else than Clawson, who showed impressive skills throughout the event. It is time again for a Nordic league. Say hello to Nordic StarLeague!

I've always enjoyed making events and thought it'd be nice if the Nordic community would unify some more. It started out with the Norwegian Star League but figured it would be more fun having the whole Nordic in on it.
- Heaven.ReV about the league

Nordic event once again

A long time has passed since the last Nordic event took place. In early 2005 GosuGamers hosted a league where players such as KeNKa, Clawson, Aqrash, Eriador and more participated. In the end, In the end, Finnish Clawson stood at the top of the hill, having defeated all of his opponents. Now, three years later Norwegian Heaven.ReV has launched a new similar tournament.

The best of four nations

Nordic StarLeague will start off with four separate qualifiers for each of the already mentioned countries. The national qualifiers will include a group phase where a number of players will go at it in a round robin, best out of one format. When decided who moves on from each group the players remaining in the event will play an elimination tournament. Matches will be best out of three, except for the bronze match and the Grand Final. The winner and the runner-up from each nation moves on to the final part of the whole StarLeague, where competitors representing all four of the countries will duke it out for eternal glory.

Starting with Sweden

Sweden is first out with the qualification tournament, starting on the first Monday in March. The week after Norway's top players will fight for a spot, with the Danes doing the same thing during the third week. You probably don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the Finnish qualifier takes place in the last week of march.

Players signed up so far
Sweden NaW-merz
Sweden tenax.MeYer-TS
Sweden Get.Shauni
Sweden Nb.SvenneBurneR
Sweden NaW-Gurram
Sweden Get.Midikem
Sweden ShagraTh-
Sweden tenax.OyA
Sweden NaW-Habit
Sweden Bischu[Scheeld]
Sweden BW-dOwN
Sweden zoxxer
Sweden Y_OHAN
Sweden Zsork[TTD]
Sweden NaW-Runa

For the Swedes, all matches needs to be played between Monday, March 3rd, and Thursday, March 6th, since the elimination tournament will be held on that day. Maps and other necessary information for the Swedish players wishing to compete can be found with a simple click on the underlying link.

So who will stand victorious at the end of the journey? Will it be Avi, StormtoSS, Thomas, Gurram, Whistler, Napoleon, or any of the other good players? An old cliché comes to good use – time will tell.

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