The Yankee League has begun

StarCraft Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers's Yankee League features some of North America's best in a proleague styled league complete with live casting and VODS to be released. The action started last night, and continues today!

List of Teams
United States Media
United States sMi
United States LighT
Canada NrG
United States X17
United States (OD)
United States (gG)
United States PewPew
Recently it was announced that BWUSA would be hosting what is called the Yankee League, which hopes to emulate proleague in Korea. It's format is 3 1v1 and a 2v2 with an ace match to be played should there be a tie. All games and maps are determined before hand to give players time to practice and prepare, leading to some great games. In addition, BWUSA has a team of dedicated shoutcasters who will be broadcasting all the matches live and later uploading VODS of the matches including commentary.

Teams such as Media, sMi, NrG, X17, and LighT among others are competing in this league, oh which Media is undoubtedly the favorite to take the Gold. However, with matches being BO1 and all the information being known ahead of time, upsets are indeed possible!

Last night the league kicked off with sMi facing NrG in an epic battle that created two games nearly reaching the fourty minute mark. In the end, sMi emerged victorious after winning the ace match, which pitted Spades, the current leader on the WGTour ladder defeating Chosen one of the top Zergs in the USA.

Tonight the action continues, with LighT matched up against PewPew a relatively unknown team of TeamLiquid members, who reached Round 3 of the Team Tournament, losing to semi-finalist LRM. The action starts at 9pm EST tonight (or 3 AM CET for Europeans Saturday morning).

The link for tonight's live cast has been provided, as well as one of the VODS for a game last night just for a little preview of what to expect each and every week!

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