Team Tournament, Ready for Launch!

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After a few weeks of signups, and very many hours of work, the Team Tournament is just about ready to launch! The wait is nearly over, and boy is it exciting!

Sign ups have been progressing for several weeks now, and the hype has been building. Many teams are anxiously awaiting this team tournament, and at long last, it is finally ready to launch! This truly is a world class tournament, with over 100 teams signed up from all over the world, including China and Korea! Here is a rough breakdown of the scale of this tournament.

Rough Breakdown
Russian~15 teams
Latin~15 teams
North American~15 teams
Eastern Europe~10 teams
Balkans~10 teams
West Europe~15 teams
Polish7 teams
German6 teams
China2 teams
Korea1 team
Misc~10 teams

As you can see, there are a lot of different teams from a lot of different locations. If you don't have a favorite team, you can root for the teams of your country instead!

Below is the map pool for the tournament:

Tournament Map Pool
Into the Darkness
Blue Storm
Loki II
Un'Goro Crater
*Iron Curtain*
*Chariots of Fire*

The maps in Asterix (*) are 2v2 maps ONLY. Featuring nice old maps such as Into the Darkness and Iron Curtain, combined with fresh new maps, interesting games should be produced!!

As of today the draw has been created on WGT, and it is possible for teams to begin scheduling their matches.

The Starting Map for Round 1 matches will be: Blue Storm / Iron Curtain. Teams can begin to schedule their matches starting now. Due to the official website not ready to launch, and the vast amount of games to be scheduled, the deadline for Round 1 matches to be completed is Sunday, November 18th.

Please look at the links at the bottom of the news for more detailed information. There the draw will be listed, as well as a link to all official rules and statements about the tournament.

We look forward to great matches, a competitive spirit, and most importantly, fun for everyone! GosuGamers will also be providing in depth coverage of this event as the Tournament progresses, so stay tuned!

*Special notice for all teams: When you suggest your matches as gosubet, please specify in the description "Team Tournament Match" so that GosuBet admins know that the match is being played for the tournament, and not a friendly cw!*

Links - Tournament Draw
TeamLiquid - Tournament Desc + Rules