WCG07: In the shadow of Sportsmanship

StarCraft Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Sportsmanship and fair-play - a vision shared by GosuGamers and WCG. But only 'almost' a reality. Here's a little summary of two things that went wrong, and a promise for a better follow-up.

Censorship - made up translation

What we reported after the grand final was quickly confirmed. Stork admitted that he lost the games vs White-Ra on purpose. Now, that isn't the big deal, it seemed fairly obvious at the time. However, the big upset here is that in the press interview after the grand final, his words weren't translated. Instead they were censored, and here is what was said:

"The first time when he played White-Ra, he wasn't sure how his play was supposed to be. During the rematches, he was not feeling well and he was nervous, so he said it was just pure chance that it happened that way."

Not quite the truth, according to anyone speaking Korean who've seen the press interview. The reason this information was censored is only speculation, yet it seems reasonable by WCG/Samsung to deny that kind of information in order to make the event appear to be more fair and sportsmanlike - thus seemingly keeping the reputation.

Taiwan vs China

Yesterday, news hit the online community that a group of Chinese gamers, including China PJ, verbally harassed a Taiwanese gamer who, during the Prize Ceremony, brought a Taiwanese flag instead of a Chinese. Read more on that story, including mentioning of other non-SC/WC3 related "disgraces", at » GGL Wire, at » NineMSN.com.au or » SK-Gaming.

There's more to cover - Stay tuned with GosuGamers

The above mentioned stories are only two situations out of many which have been reported to GosuGamers since the ending of the Grand Final. Others include mistreatment, leaked replays, nationalistic bias and subjective interpretation of the rule set. We've chosen to only briefly cover the above two topics and instead run a more detailed review of several topics regarding WCG - and what needs to be changed if the "WCG Spirit" is to be maintained.

NineMSN.com.au - Source