F2F: Whistler walks away with the win

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Just a couple of days ago another Face to Face was played, this time between the Ukrainian MYM.White-Ra and the Norwegian Whistler from MicroGamerZ.

Our very own Dawn_kr sat down and made some battle reports for you based on the games. Five great games were played, on both known and unknown maps. Both players did good, but unfortunately only one could win. Here is Dawn for you, enjoy!

White-Ra 1:4 Whistler
Ukraine MYM.White-Ra1:0 Norway MgZ)WhistleR@ ThunderBolt
F2F_Ra_WhistlerThunderbolt.jpgThe first match of Face2Face between MYM.White-Ra and MgZ)WhistleR began on the map Thunderbolt. With WhistleR starting up at the 7'clock position and Ra up at 11, Ra decided to put down his gateways just beside his natural expansion - aiming for a dual gate hardcore Zealot rush. Which worked in his favor because WhistleR had done a standard 3hatch build. With the Protoss Zealots being too strong for the Zerglings, there was no other option but to type out for WhistleR.
Ukraine MYM.White-Ra1:1 Norway MgZ)WhistleR@ Tau Cross
F2F_Ra_WhistlerTauCross.jpgThe second match at Tau Cross, the Zerg Swarm spawned at the 2'clock position, whilst the Protoss Armada of Ra warped in at 11. After casually playing standard with not too much conflict between the two forces - Ra dropped in a couple Dark Templars inside the Zerg's main, splitting them to slice up the Drones of WhistleR at his main and natural expansion. This was not much of a problem for the Zerg, since he had multiple Hatcheries everywhere along his expansion up at 3. Able to pump out drones with no problem, WhistleR tried to expand at the 6'clock position, but was denied of access by a Dark Templar. The clash had begun at the centre of the map near the mineral only expansion at 12. The game went on as both players were hungry for resources as the game ended with the Protoss not being able to support itself.
Ukraine MYM.White-Ra1:2 Norway MgZ)WhistleR@ Peaks Of Baekdu
F2F_Ra_WhistlerPeaksofBaekdu.jpgThe score tied at 1-1, both players knew they had to lead their army to victory. On Peaks of Baekdu, the Swarm spawned at the bottom of the map, while the Protoss warped in at the opposite side (top). The war progressed with small battles here and there throughout the map, but it was decided when the Protoss Armada was no match for the Zerg Swarm which consisted of Lurkers, Hydralisks, Zerglings, and soonafter Ultralisks.
Ukraine MYM.White-Ra1:3 Norway MgZ)WhistleR@ Python
F2F_Ra_WhistlerPython.jpgAs usual, on the map Python, the game started out standard for both players. Zerg spawning at 12 and Protoss at 2. Slowly taking the map, battles raged on within the map. The first was at the centre of the map, the Protoss army taking the minor battle there. After a short while, Ra ploughed into the Zerg's main expansion, but since WhistleR had so many Hatcheries up - unit after unit, the swarm defended the expansion from the mighty Protoss. Nearing the end, the inevitable Ultralisks had hatched, alongside with Hydralisks, Zerglings, etc. The Protoss just couldn't handle it.
Ukraine MYM.White-Ra1:4 Norway MgZ)WhistleR@ 815
F2F_Ra_Whistler815.jpgEven though the Zerg took the last three games, the mighty Protoss knew that they had to take at least this battle and stand strong against the Zerg. Warping in at 7, Spawning at 2 on 815- the Protoss decided to double gate while expanding. Zerg, not prepared had let some frustrating Zealots in, blocking the ramp very easily while harassing the Zerg's main. Unfortunately, they were not enough - as the Zerg hatched Hydralisks and crushed the Protoss' expansion and proceeded up into the main. There was no other option but to type out - the Swarm was victorious.

Wanna watch it yourself? Download the replays from the link below!

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