Infernal Gamers topping BWCL Division 1

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 11 June 2007 19:19

The Asian lineup gave Infernal Gamers a great start in the BWCL Division 1 yesterday. Taking down LighT 6-0 places them on top in the score table.

The first playday in Brood War Clan League started off with a bang. The two top teams LighT and Infernal Gamers went at it in the first round. Both teams were playing in the last season, though without any remarkable results. They both managed to hold on to the first division, being two of the twelve teams in the division. Infernal Gamers 1on1 lineup was not to be tampered with, as the Chinese player JiFeng, the Swede KaaZ and the two Koreans Jina and YongSun were matched against the Americans in Team LighT. The American-based team was no match for Infernal Gamers, as iG could take down LighT with 6-0.

In total six matches were supposed to be played yesterday, but far from every one was finished. Only three matches have a winner, while other are still pending or not started at all. Fallen Angels suffered defeat against the Polish-based team Zajebiście Zjebany Zesp�ł, losing 0-4. We saw young Blood, the newcomers to division one, receive an autowin versus Dark infernal Empire.

But the most interesting match this playday was DkH.KeyWeb versus Czech Demolition Squad. Jump and his bad boys went up against the German-based team in a match that is still pending. We saw Fosken and Dreiven win their 1on1 matches over Gantrior and Crow, while DeViL took down Gentleman. With Zpiet and Gentleman winning the team game, Deutschlands Kranke Horde is in a good position to win this match, with one single and one team game left before it closes.

Yesterday's BWCL Division 1 matches
Europe Infernal Gamers > United States Team [LighT] 6-0
Hungary the After-renaissance vs. Europe Excello 0-0
Czech Republic SkyRiders - Derava Kapsa vs. Germany Fruchtzwerge 3-0
Germany DkH.Keyweb vs. Czech Republic Czech Demolition Squad 3-1
Germany young Blood > Germany Dark infernal Empire 5-1
Germany Fallen Angels vs. Poland Zajebiście Zjebany Zesp�ł 0-4

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