GG Awards: Draco is the Gosu Gamer of the Year

StarCraft Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand

- Draco wins even without counting Polish support -


The Gosu Gamer of the Year has been crowned, and he goes by the name of Krzysztof Nalepka, more known as Draco.

The votes have been counted, the results are in and we finally have a winner for the Gosu Gamer of the Year. The number of votes this time really broke the record. And it turned out that one player were to dominate the votings and it is none other than the progamer Draco!

Draco received 50% of all the votes. After all the discussions on "Polish pride" and that he would win just because he is Polish, GosuGamers can inform you that Draco would have won even without counting the votes made by the Polish users.


Krzysztof Nalepka had a great year, not only because of his giant leap as moving to Korea and fulfilling his dream as a progamer, but he also showed great strength in various online tournaments. Many remember Draco from World Cyber Games where he took down Midas in a game that was crowned as Game of the Year by the GosuGamers users - not necessairly because it was the greatest game skillwise but since it was original and because Draco won.

However, most people forgot what Draco did earlier in the year. After finishing 3rd in the GGL americup at the end of february, he went and got second place in the ToT invitational, followed by first place in TANL. He also managed to win the Dreamhack Summer event, while finishing the foreign year by achieving second place in the Eurocup event.
Poland Draco 50%
Canada Testie21%
Ukraine White-Ra15%
Taiwan SEn11%
Ukraine Strelok3%

qpadct2.jpgDraco wins a Q-PAD Gaming Package including the Q-PAD CT (picture), Mouse Glidz, Wristband and a Keyband, all sponsored by Q-PAD.

Read a full interview with the polish gamer Here.

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