Lx and F91 both planning a big change in their lives *

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China has been one of the most active Starcraf scenes lately. This country, with more than one billion inhabitants, hosts many great gamers, like F91, and also has some of its citizens playing the game abroad, in Korea, like Lx. Both of these players will have something changed very soon in their lives.

Today I will announce you two news. One is a bad one, the other is a good one. The custom makes me announce you the bad news first. 918This one concerns Luo Xian, aka China Lx (picture), who has just announced in an interview with plu.com.cn that he would end his contract with SKT1 very soon, in fact "in a few weeks". in this interview, partly translated on Teamliquid, quotes Lx saying "I play starcraft only because it's fun, I lost the interest if I was forced to play it. In korea,I could do nothing but sitting in front of the computer and practice, no tournament, no passion. And it's really hard to find someone to practice as a foreigner!".
This is really a bad news for the non-Korean community, which only has two "foreigners" remaining in Korea, the Polish Poland Draco for OGN and the other Chinese China Pj for SKT1. Let's wish those two will stay in Korea for a while, and maybe that some other non-Korean players will join them soon!

EDIT: The part of this article concerning F91's wedding has been removed due to his personal request

Teamliquid.net - Source - Lx ending his contract
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