Korea: Boxer preparing his comeback?

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An interesting and promising post by HonestTea over at Team-Liquid.net states that Boxer will be playing on the Air Force progaming team and he will have appearance in the upcoming MBCgame Survivor League.

Korea HonestTea informed this morning about some interesting facts about the retired pro gamer Korea Boxer who is currently serving army duty. He left the pro gaming scene some weeks ago because he was forced to serve his military service after delaying the date for two years. He just finished six weeks of basic training and he advanced to Private First Class. HonestTea states:
All soldiers are assigned to their respective posts after basic training. PFC Lim will be assigned to the Air Force intelligence center, where he will be allowed to train as part of the military's progaming team.
This means Boxer will be playing in the upcoming MBCgame Survivor League, a qualifier for MSL. Boxer will play his first game on 1st of January 2007, his schedule is given below:

MBCgame Survivor League 1st round:
Boxer (AirForce) vs. Nal_keke (Pantech) Reverse Temple
Stork (Samsung) vs. Dream.t)Orion (CJ) Reverse Temple

The winners will play eachother on Longinus 2, the winner of this match advances to final game where he meets the winner of the losers game. The final game will be played on Desert Fox.


Next to Boxer a few other retired gamers will be playing on Air Force pro team: H.O.T-Forever, Clon and Chrh are already on the team, Mumyung will be added to the roster as well.
Some might think the former pro's are useless for Korean Army, but HonestTea tells:
Plus, it's not like all Boxer does there is game. He spends most of the day doing Air Force stuff and helping out. It's during the evenings where he gets time to practice. [...]

Great news for all fans of Boxer and the Korean pro gaming scene, Boxer will not leave BroodWar completely behind, but stay as active as possible. GosuGamers will keep you updated on this topic.

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