AFM joins sponsored team of

StarCraft “KoenigFrederik”

AFM has been around since 1998 as a Polish based team and is nowadays one of the biggest teams with around 50 members. As the team leader Bartar explains AFM will become a multi gaming team as they join BossClub.


Above the Frontiers of Mind will join the sponsored team of Germany and become supported in every possible way. AFM has been quite successful the recent months, they participated in several competitive tournaments and leagues and are counted as a top 3-6 non Korean team the new co-leader of BossClub, Greece BOSS.Bartar states. He further says that the current line-up of AFM will be reduced, but under careful plannings as they are going to participate in more events and leagues than any other team. Many will ask for the reasons, how much money is involved and what BossClub is expecting from the future:

"BossClub owner Germany zheka offered me a relatively small financial aid plus full partnership to the team [...] He is very skilled and is a reliable manager and I think that with our combined work we will attract more sponsors and raise our profits for the sake of all players."

Bartar tells that BossClub is going to host sponsored events and tournaments in near future and he is trying to join events involving Korean teams. The Brood War squad will use the already existing website of BossClub, though some graphics of BroodWar will be added shortly. They are planning to post regular news about the achievements of their players and team, but they will not start publishing general Brood War news on their site if BossClub players aren't involved.
"In the future we will plan internal and community sponsored tournaments and other interesting events as a way of a contribution to the community."
GosuGamers wishes all players and the new team best of luck in the future,. Will they can fulfill the expectations?

Links - Source (in German) - Interview with Bartar (in English)