WCG Searching Referees

Posted by Max "epidion" at 28 July 2006 09:28

The World Cyber Games committee is looking for referee applications for the Grand Finals in Monza, Italy.

All World Cyber Games events take enormous amounts of organization and effort, and many would consider it an honor to work with the World Cyber Games, and now is the time to apply! The World Cyber Games committee has offered to pay for hotel accomodation for seven days, food, and other daily expenses throughout your stay. All you have to do is get yourself there!

- Someone who has experience as a referee or a player in pertinent game
- Someone who has extensive knowledge in pertinent game
- Someone who has healthy body and mind as WCG referee
- Someone who has ability to judge
- Someone who can communicate in foreign language (English is a must.)

The WCG Committee will contact the applicants through the email they submit, so make sure you give a correct email account when you sign up! Note that I had trouble signing up with FireFox, so use Internet Explorer for your sign up. This is the chance of a lifetime to make something of your addiction, and to meet all the people you've only seen on

World Cyber Games - Application


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