Counter-Strike community comes together to help streamer

Posted by Tim "Fatal1tim" Masters at 20 April 2017 15:30

Disabled streamer Adam ‘Loop’ Bahriz probably didn't imagine this week turning out quite as well as it has.

The much-maligned world of eSports had a win this week, as the Counter-Strike community came together to prove they are decent human beings, rather than the basement dwelling sociopaths some would have you believe they are. Following a post regarding an incident that happened in a random pickup game, where a player was bullied out of the team for what his peers initially thought was trolling, but turned out to be the truth.

The player in question is one Adam ‘Loop’ Bahriz. Born with an extremely rare genetic disorder called Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy Type II (HSAN2), Loop is legally blind and deaf, and sits extremely close to his screen as a result when streaming Counter-Strike, his game of choice, as well as having to deal with a massive disadvantage compared to unimpaired players. Despite that, he’s already spent time in the top echelon of online matchmaking, and is currently not far off as a legendary player.

A game that saw him bullied, muted, and then kicked after having explained to his team mates that he couldn’t communicate due to his condition made it to the front page of the reddit sub, and created some ire. This is slightly inconsistent with the general reaction to such behaviour, but that can be explained to some extent by the exceptional nature of Loop’s condition, and normally the three day bans secured for the bullies would be where it all ends.

However, this story had rather longer legs, as it turned out, with the community coming together to show Loop some love, and that they have a heart after all. His next stream saw him go from ten to over 1000 viewers, as well as multiple donations, some from big names like Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz and Mohamad “m0e” Assad, both of whom gave hundreds of dollars of their own cash. Top players were also seen in his streamed games, and some of the best Loop plays made it to the top of the Counter-Strike sub.

That’s not where it ended for Loop though, as the next day saw him contacted by multiple teams about repping them as a streamer, including EnVyUs, winners of the biggest prize in Counter-Strike history, and Immortals who invited the player and his family to visit their headquarters. With all that to look forward to, and the stream success giving him funds for vital medical treatment too, it’s fair to say this week has been a great one for Loop, and one that the Counter-Strike community can feel proud of too.


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