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Posted by Ragnar "Entropy" Birko at 04 April 2006 08:06

If one shouts loud enough, often enough, and long enough, even the gods hear. Once woken, they will then usually proceed to smite you down with fire into deadly silence. However on rare occasions, either due to a humorous whim or the grace of divine generosity they will grant you what you have been praying and demanding to the four winds all these years.

- WGTour and cooperation -

Today while at work, on an unusually calm day, I wrote these rantings at 1com. Though it took me a few minutes the ideas had been brewing in me for quite sometime now. Forgive the blog style, I am sleepy and tired, but some news can not wait and up they must go. Let me share the exact rant with you. Ladder Revival.

It needs to be done. If Blizzard does not address the issue I think some one has too. Anyone could - all the elements to make it happen are there with the penguinplug launcher and our collective experience running ladders. I feel that WGTour should lead the road in this matter for obvious reasons - its history, it’s previously working system and success, its current relative inactivity - but I do not see it happening without the collective effort of every community.

With the current penguinplug-launcher-WGTour-option and's vacuum of top skilled players due to PGTour current frenzy of high level competition I truly think WGTour could and should do better in medium to average range of players. The average 400 - 3000 game player, i.e. the bulk of gamers out there, is the ideal candidate for what I have in mind. These often give up after 20 consecutive losses, something which is not rare in PGTour, and end up spamming forums or finding other activities but playing the game which is why we are all here. .

I love the fact that we have a awesome ladder/server completely independent from Blizzard as it proves that we can exist and thrive without our mother goose - almost guarantying us a future even if she fully abandons us. However I believe the lack of a decent ladder at will ultimately hurt us all - in fact it has already hurt us enough. Blizzard still seems to be sleeping on the matter and their ladder is still pointless. All the elements are there to have a revival of this ladder. It is time we do something about it. Such a revival must be prepared now and must start with Blizzards next patch, and it should target the average unknown player.

We also need to somehow draw in those million BGH and fastest $ players, make tournaments for them and then slowly but surely teach them the true path of Starcraft gaming. There is a huge demand but few have offered this community anything but shunning and disdain, including myself - but I am willing to change in order to bring the horde back to true gaming, even if it is getting them involved through BGH and a fastest ladder initially. There is no reason why we should only have one mode of ladder.

Other rantings to come.. - at work brb

Then I go back to work, the day picked up and came back home wasted. I found something interesting to post about, the note about the crazy Korean Air Force plans, had dinner, watched a movie. Before calling the day off I logged on to check on the site one last time and find this in our news tip pool provided by Germany oG)Dinnin:

WGTour Ladder @ Click and see for youself!

Guys, it is not April fools and either Santa came to town, or I swear sometimes I think am Houdini. No, I am not Houdini. I am just the loudest frog in the pond, and super natural frog or not, I share with all, the same dream - a working ladder at I am sure there is still some work to come, but this is the most encouraging start we have had in a while. Now the next step has come, the demise of all current hacks and bugs, the time has come for a major patch, patch 1.14. I hope Blizzard does not make us wait too long for it! Enjoy!

-- Update -- (15:06 CET)

No official word has been posted by WGTour or with information about what terms this cooperation will be under. There's more to come and we will of course update you as soon as possible. We leave you with a quote from the news tip's source:

Will take some more weeks to launch but its gonna happen soon

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