iG.SarenS Replay Pack

Posted by Ragnar "Entropy" Birko at 14 March 2006 05:25


SnoT at made a Replays Pack of their best StarCraft player: iG.SarenS. In the package you can find at total of 28 replays including 11 TvP, 8 TvT, 9 TvZ.

It contains some of the best games of France iG.SarenS, including players like ToT)Mondragon, ToT)Midian, ToT)Testie, LG)Stym, Play.Lamer, rS.Crayon, eSa.Breakdown and other very good players! Enjoy!

//Submitted by France Snot

Links - Replay Pack - Source - (e-mail if pack needed)


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