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Posted by Ragnar "Entropy" Birko at 11 March 2006 05:04

[s]event[/s]The Liga Romana de Starcraft has been active so far five good seasons. The results of 5th Season bring us Romania's best in a 16 man final tournament, the replay pack and the results. The winner: Play.Shaman

Season 5 of the Romanian Starcraft League is finally over. It was a two month season, in which around 150 players played 4438 games. It was by far the best season yet. The final tournament was held between the top 16 of the ladder ranks. Last year's ranks were the following: 1st place Play.Shaman, 2nd place mGz)Ryko, 3rd place RpG.DeathAngel, 4th place RpG.Andrei, 5th place RpG.Niai. The top 16 participating players in this season's final were:

flame.gifRomania Rektile[SoD], Romania RpG.Spook, Romania Tellmytruestory, Romania Alecsutx,
Romania Mumex[SoD], Romania TiT.Flesh, Romania Play.Shaman, Romania Foreplay,
Romania Zahus[SoD], Romania oM-Gumitza, Romania RpG.Velu, Romania Nubreed,
Romania Kerrigan, Romania RpG.Fires, Romania RpG.Andrei, Romania Nrt.Ultraling.

The tournament format was double brackets and BO3 matches for everyone. There were a few surprises, like RpG.Velu's outstanding performance in the tournament. No one thought he'd get past the 1st bracket. The other and maybe the biggest surprise was Play.Shaman's defeat by RpG.Fires the winner's bracket final, with a 2-1 score. RpG.Fires and Play.Shaman. They were scheduled to meet in the Grand Final again as Shaman made his way up the loser's bracket by beating RpG.Velu.

Much to everyone disapointment the grand final game was not played because RpG.Fires forfeitted to Play.Shaman. He apparently simply did not want to play anymore. Thus concluding the event with Romania Play.Shaman in the first place, Romania RpG.Fires the second place, with third place going to Romania RpG.Velu and fourth place to Romania Rektile[SoD].
1st Romania Play.Shaman
2nd Romania RpG.Fires
3rd Romania RpG.Velu
4th Romania Rektile[SoD]

The league did not have a subscription fee so the prize was more the honor of winning, however the top three players will receive a T-Shirt with printed images of units/game screenshot, custom made by Zeratul, Romania's National Team Leader.

Expect the Romanian Invite #1 results to come in soon.

//Submitted and written by Guest Editor Romania Valer RpG.Amorezu Cupsa
Editorial noteRpG.Fires own words on the matter on the matter, "I just got shocked by the BManners of some players from league and as a sign of protest I said: fuck it, I'm going home."

This league is played at Gamespace, a pvpgn private server, address IP: It has been running on and off for about two years. Its main administrators are Romania Butcher & Zeratul (webmasters), RpG.Spook, RpG.Fires, RpG.Amorezu, Rektile[Sod], Mega[Sod].

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