Stym ouch!

Posted by Ragnar "Entropy" Birko at 09 March 2006 02:25

Another showmatch organized by This time, none else then Canada ToT)Testie(rS faced the LaTiN StarS event winner Mexico Play.Stym in a Bo7 match series.

The showmatch organized by Mexico Betanzo was played yesterday. Pretty straight forward match, most ended up being PvP, all wins for Testie whose wrist is probably back in shape because Stym is no push-over.
Testie > StYm @ Luna
Testie > StYm @ Neo Forte
Testie > StYm @ Estrella
Testie > StYm @ Blade Storm

As you can see, a flawless victory for Testie with the final score of 4-0. The replay pack has been released, just click in the link below.

//Submitted and written by Guest Editor, Brazil Eduardo kmk)heaD Engin&&r

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