Dark Nemesis

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Dark Nemesis: The Fall of an Empire
by Tyler//varaon
Part 1

My name is Aurelius. Aurelius Mengsk. I am Arcturus' bastard twin. You see, my family couldn't live with me - couldn't be associated with me. They were scared of me. When I was born, I was tested for psionic potential, like all newborn infants. The doctors couldn't believe the readings they were getting - they thought the instruments were malfunctioning...but they were right. The instruments were showing levels beyond anything they had ever seen.

As I lay there, just hours old, I could sense the hospital staff's nervousness. It was like they were in my head. I started to cry at first, scared because the nurses were scared. As their anxiety increased, I began to wail, then scream as ten, then a hundred, then a thousand tiny voices joined the shouting match in my mind. I felt something strange. It was as if my crying had stopped being real, and was now in my imagination. As the feeling intensified, the voices in my head became even more scared and nervous - terrified, almost.

Suddenly, it stopped. Everything went silent. A hum began to fill the room - soft at first, then growing louder. Boom! Without warning, the room around me exploded into a shower of sparks and flying glass. Electronics shorted out, metal and plastic warped and melted like honey. The doctors were rolling on the floor, screaming, blood streaming from their mouths, eyes and ears.

The nurses rushed in to witness the gruesome scene before them. The two dead doctors’ bloody corpses were lying amid broken glass, twisted metal and fried electronics. I lay at the centre of it all - untouched and unscathed. My pink, innocent body lay in the middle of the charred and destroyed room, looking as out of place as an angel in hell.

My family had seen and felt it all from the observation room, and the steel and the plexiglass had spared them.


All records of my birth, of my very existence were destroyed, and the nurses’ minds were wiped by Shadowalkers - the most powerful and psionically potent Ghosts. I was enlisted in the Shadowalker program as a result of my devastating psionic attack. My family was glad to be rid of me, but they wouldn’t have had a choice - Shadowalkers outrank most generals.

I was so young when I was taken away that I had no friends or family, and therefore no allegiances to anyone. Practically from my birth, I lived and breathed military life as a Shadowalker trainee. I rose quickly in the ranks, and became one of the most powerful Ghosts ever, both in terms of rank and deadliness. As commander of the Reaper division, I was in charge of the quick and deadly suppression of dissent in the Confederacy. Wherever there were rallies or riots, my team and I were there, taking out the leaders of the rebellion before it reached critical mass and we had to bring in the troops. My weapon of choice was a sickle, and I would violently and silently behead the targets, leaving nothing behind but the head.

I was the one who killed Angus Mengsk himself - the rebellious leader of Korhal. Three Ghosts were there that day, but only one did the killing. I crept into the Mengsk mansion late at night, cloaked. I took Angus from behind, materializing out of the shadows and disappearing just as quickly, after I finished off his wife and children. Was I heartless, killing my own family? No. I had never met them, and they were as alien to me as the rest of my targets.


While sifting through the data that Jim Raynor stole from a Confederate facility, Arcturus’ techs came across a forgotten file. It was my personnel file, and it had a record of everything I had ever done, from my first assassinations during the Kel-Morian wars, up to Angus’ beheading. When my brother realized that I was the one responsible for Arcturus’ death, he began to hate me from the pit of his heart.

When Arcturus became Emperor, he declared me an outlaw, and launched a manhunt which continues to this day. Even though I was just doing my duty, Arcturus viewed me as the root of all evil. I was just like any other soldier, following orders. I never had the chance to develop the same since of right and wrong as him, since I was raised in the art of killing. He viewed me with pure hatred, and pursued with more vengeance than the entire Sons of Korhal had when they demolished the Confederacy.


Now, as an outlaw and rebel, I stay out of sight and keep to the shadows, always alert. I swear allegiance to no one but myself. My training has served me well - I have many connections and resources at my disposal, even though I only trust myself. I wont take a bullet for anyone, and I wont hesitate to shoot first and ask questions later. My life revolves around the Shadowalker rules of engagement, which has been engraved into my subconscious kind. My objectives in life are simple this way; complete the objective, preserve yourself, and never let yourself be detected.

Exposed to the human world now, as opposed the military world, I am beginning to develop emotions and values, both of which can be lethal, so I suppress them. Yet, they are making me long for a better life, a more peaceful life. In order to live in peace, I will have to face my sworn enemy, and either reconcile with him, or kill him, as long as he doesn’t get me first...

Already, I have been speaking with the revolutionaries Raynor and Fenix, and while they do not fully trust me, they are only too glad to have the help. They think I can help them in their quest to liberate both Aiur and the Terran Empire. Fools! I couldn’t car less about their noble cause.