ToT joins

StarCraft Lucas “Colbi”

The Templars of Twighlight otherwise known as ToT has just announced that they will join the Pro-Gaming organizaton.

This will come to a shock to many gamers including myself. The Templars of Twilight's reign has ended after seven years of existence. When it seemed that ToT was in its prime and was slowly falling apart with the latest departure of Germany FiSheYe[pG] and Germany BrEaKdOwN[pG].

Original pG members kicked

Unfortunetely, most of the past members were kicked from the team except for Norway Eriador[pG] and Finland Zia[pG].

Not much else has been announced as of right now. However, more details are still to come on and . will keep all of you informed with the latest updates and explanation about why this move was made.

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