Gom to host Global Championship and BroodWar Invitational in 2014

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 06 January 2014 20:30

The itinerary of the Korean tournament organizer shows three more events in addition to the three GSL season: a BroodWar tournament, a Global Championship and another Hot6ix Cup.

The BroodWar tournament, also known as the fourth season of the GomTV Classic, will be the first of the three non-WCS tournament that GomTV will hold this year. According to the graph shown on Daily ESPORTS (seen below), it's supposed to start this February. There's no revealed line-up still but a picture posted on Inven shows the faces of Yellow, Sea and Jangbi. 

The second tournament is the Global Championship to be held in April. The tournament is advertised as an eight-man tournament, featuring three winners and three runner-ups from each region as well as two coming from online qualifiers.

The third and final tournament will be the Hot6ix in December. Though no information was given about that, it's likely that the tournament follows the ideas of its previous editions and gather all of the champions from Korean tournaments in one place.

Daily ESPORTS also report about the starting dates of the new GSL season. Code A is scheduled to start on January 15th with Code S following three weeks later, on February 5th.

Source: Daily ESPORTS, Inven


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