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The Team USA and 88) leader Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson just officially joined the clan Templars of Twilight a couple of hours ago, something that has been rumoured about a while. With this, the time in Team 88) has come to and end, and by that the team is disbanded. GosuGamers caught up with iNcontroL, or should we say ToT)visseR(, as he now will be called?

Personal info

Nick: ToT)visseR(
Name: Geoff Robinson
Age: 19
Race: Zerg
Country: United States USA
Congratulations in joining ToT! Why did you decide to join? Had this been a plan for you for a long time, or did you just happen to stumble across it all?
- Well thats a hard question. I had been leading 88 for 6 years, and it was really my love. But towards the end, i had always known that if i ever got offered to join ToT i would probably take it, its the greatest non korean clan, and if used properly, can be a place where a players full potential is revealed. Thats why i took it, because i know i wont play this game forever, so i want to reach my potential and game at it for a long time. I had also discussed this with some of my most trusted 88's and with their blessing i felt comfortable doing this.

89Will 88 still exist with their leader leaving? Will someone pick up where you left it?
- The only person i felt comfortable leaving my team to was Matt, 88)Desirious because he has real leading potential, and he is my co leader for a year now. He declined because he said he couldnt lead it like i did, and hes probably right. Being a leader is important, but having their respect means you need to be a good player too. And he wasnt that great, so he would rather do the same as me, and kill the team rather than watch it limp around and than die later. We have alot of pride in 88, and i always will, but its time is ended.

What benefits will you achieve when joining ToT apart from more and better(?) training partners?
- Well i wont have to lead a team, and that took a couple hours a day so i will have twice as much time for gaming. Thats probably the biggest change

Do you believe that you will have a spot in clanwars? Or are there others who will be priviledged before you?
- I do not know, havent discussed it with them at all. But i hope to earn a spot eventually :D I can say that ToT is talking about more CW's in the future so we will be active in that.

People keep talking about "monopoly", stealing good players and so on regarding ToT. What do you think of that? Is it good to gather all the great non-korean players in one clan?
- Well alot of ToT is inactive, and i actually think clans like pG and iD have really good players. ToT is the best ( :) ) but i think this is a place where if used right players rise to their top game.

Add. information

Leader of Team USA
Former leader of Team 88)
Won Seattle WCG
preliminary 2004
Top 4 in TLTour 2
Many of the inactive ToT player are much into online poker - are you also a poker player?
- I play with my friends irl, and i dabble in online poker. It holds no threat in consuming me BW has been my gaming passion for 7 years now and poker is a really fun game, but it can be expensive and with paying for college / life i dont have the luxury of gambling alot.

You sure made a name for yourself by getting as far in TLT as you did, and people considered you as one of the top players in USA. Who do you see as the top players in USA currently?
- Hmm.. Well top players i would say are FroZ as usual, artosis is really making a name for himself hes great atm, Day is always good and has tons of potential, Blackjack is completely underrated but part of that is his fault for not going to TLT and WCG ^^, than i think i am up there, i compete with all these guys easily enough. than u have players like NOny, Nooks and Saddles who are amazing american protoss and a come back from CocoA who is a great player.. so many to name :D lots of good top usa gamers! hehe Im a bit to kind/modest i think :D

You have not mentioned the two Americans living in Korea - Rekrul and Assem - you don't think they belong to the top?
- Assem has said he doesnt consider himself american (according to him hes some kind of red haired korean), and Rekrul is far to busy to be considered a top american AT THIS TIME he surely is when he wants to be.

Do you intend to take part in World Cyber Games this year? If so, how well will you do?
- yes i do, my prelim is the 18th (i believe) in Lynnwood washington, i plan on giving itmy best shot but i am not stressing over it. If i win that, than yes i will train hard core and do my best to win WCG USA.

Going back to ToT - do you think the team should play more competitive clanwars and clanleagues, and not just a group of friends who play a lot together?
- I dont feel comfortable saying anything like "ToT Should..etc" i am just happy to be here. If we chose to play more CW's good, if not good! Either way im happy, perhaps later when im comfortable i will suggest such things, CW's are great fun for the clan and the public.

Are there any special players in ToT that you have a good relationship to?
- i have been great friends with Testie for 5-6 years now, always known him and hes been a huge contributor to my gaming, whether it be gaming him or him getting me games i have been with the top tier players for years in large part due to him, so hes probably my dearest bnet friend and mentor (in skill not manner <3 nick).

Your new nickname will be ToT)visseR(. Is visseR a nick you have been using before, or why did you decide to use visseR?
- i decided on visser, partly because ToT)iNcontroL( was stolen, probably during the time i was talking about ToT but also this is one of my favorite novel characters :D

Let's move on and talk some about Team USA. You are the leader, for how long have you been that?
- oh i dont know, many months now, but not to many hehe.

Your team were critiziced for forfeiting in UGL Nation Wars Cup and in War of the World, even though you had explained that school was the reason. Do you believe that cups are imortant for the scene?
- Those leagues didnt work because they werent able to give me a date when they asked, and months later they started when i had exams. USA will be active in everything now, that i am done, we will do NW's each week and participate in w/e comes up.

How do you rate the nations as of now? Top 5?
- Oh, tough one. Germany is top outside Korea, than id say China, Poland, USA, and Canada.

A couple of months ago there were no nation cups around, and now there are three of them (UGL Nation Wars Cup, War of the World and the new Bw4ever Nationcup). How important are the cups for national teams, the scene and so on?
- If they are really well ran, and all the big ones participate, they are awsome. national pride is deep rooted in us all, and it unifies the community to root on their countrymen, lots of fun. IMportant? Not really, but its huge fun for the community.
OKay, well thank you very much for this interview and good luck in Team USA and Templars of Twilight!
- ty very much!

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