TLS Qualifier #3 and #4 this weekend

Posted by Good "Esc4toN" Bye at 17 May 2013 21:00


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The third and fourth qualifiers for the TLS2 will be played this weekend starting on Saturday at 18:15 CEST. The two qualifiers will sum up the qualifying stage before the TLS2 throttles into the groupstage on the 1st of June.
The format of the qualifiers is:
Single-Elimination Tournament
Best-of-1 until Round of Ro8
Best-of-3, Ro8, Ro4 and finals
Map Pool: Neo Jade, Match Point, Fighting Spirit
In a Bo1, host must create on designated map for that round.
In a Bo3 games, referee will host all three games in the exact order posted below.
Players may change race between games
Current point rankings
# Player 1 2 3 4 Total
1 Finland Napoleon 21 85     106
2 Italy Alfio 85       85
3 Norway WhistleR 60 21     81
3 Finland Arcnenon 21 60     81
5 Russia TTF 21 41     62
5 Poland Mazur 21 41     62
7 Canada WandS 60       60
7 United States andreyy   60     60
Maps that will be played in the last qualifiers are Neo Jade, Match Point, Fighting Spirit.
The biggest change in the upcoming qualifiers is that they will be played on the Fish server. First and second qualifiers were played on the iCCup server.
TLS2 will have the same prize pool as TLS1, with $500 to grab.
Matches will be streamed on the official TeamLiquid's stream channel by Sayle.
Links: - Stream | - Source | - Registration


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