GosuGamers Awards 2012: Best Top Laners

Posted by Garry "IU_aegyo" Chen at 21 December 2012 00:42

Welcome to the GosuGamers Awards for 2012! In this category, we give you our eight nominations for Best Top Laners for this year, waiting on your vote!

Korea Park ‘Shy’ Sang-myeon singed jaxirelia

Shy.PNGAzubu Frost’s top laner Shy should be called a prodigy. This young top laner who impressed the world at the S2 World Championship showed extreme skills with his limited champion pool. Shy’s play style varies from champion to champion, however you can expect him to come out on top once team fights start with precise champion controls and skill management. Shy is famous for his Jax play, however his Irelia, Jarvan, and Singed are all part of his champions.

Azubu Frost in 2012 placed 1st in The Champions Summer 2012 , 2nd place in both S2 World Championships and The Champions Spring 2012.

- Shy's list of achievements and recent match history

Korea Yoon ‘MaKNooN’ Ha-woonnidalee irelia malphite

Maknoon.PNGNajin Sword’s founder and captain, MaKNooN is truly one of the most feared and respected players in the world. Known for his extremely aggressive plays and tower dives, MaKNooN’s presence is truly something to watch out for. MaKNooN’s favorite champions are Nidalee, Irelia, and Malphite. MaKNooN’s versatility of having an enormous champion pool gives him the privileges of playing both top and mid lane efficiently.

Najin Sword in 2012 topped Azubu Blaze in the S2 Regional Finals - Seoul for 1st, placed a top 8 in the S2 World Championships, and achieved 2nd place in the 2012 MLG Fall Championships.

- MaKNooN's list of achievements and recent match history

United States Joe ‘Voyboy’ Esfahani renekton akali leesin

Voyboy.PNGCurse Gaming NA’s top laner Voyboy makes the list from his hyper-aggressive top lane play. Voyboy is one of the early innovators of the super aggressive top lane playstyle and has carried teams in the past with it. Voyboy is known for his Renekton, Akali, Lee Sin, and Olaf. Voyboy is often regarded as one of the best top laners in the North American scene.

Curse gaming, since Voyboy joined, has won Solomid Series Weeks 4-6 and the finals, along with a second place at Lonestar Clash 2.
On CLG Prime Voyboy achieved first place in the National ESL Pro Series Season 4 and second places in IPL4 and 2012 MLG Spring Championship.

- Voyboy's list of achievements and recent match history

Russia Eugene ‘Darien’ Mazaev shen jax xinzhao

Darien.PNGMoscow5 took the world by storm when they abruptly defeated TSM at IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev. A huge part of that team was played by their top laner Darien. Known for his Shen, Jax, Yorick, and Xin Zhao in the top lane, Darien pioneers a variety of champions to be used at top. Darien’s play style is heavily revolved around having synergy with the jungler to shove lanes and invade jungles.

M5 in 2012 posted 1st places in The Siege, IEM VI - Kiev, IEM VI - World Championship, European Challenger Circuit: Poland, and S2 Regional Finals.

- Darien's list of achievements and recent match history

France Paul ‘sOAZ’ Boyer jayce leesin
sOAZ.PNGsOAZ is the top laner for team FnaticRC. Prior to playing for Fnatic, sOAZ has had plenty of professional experience with teams like Millenium, Absolute Legends, and Against All Authority. One of the strongest European top laners, this french player will dismantle the opposition with his fearsome Lee Sin and Jayce. Expect to see much more of sOAZ continuing to dominate in the near future.

FnaticRC has managed first in THOR Open 2012 and Dreamhack Winter 2012, along with second places in IEM Season VII and IPL5.

- sOAZ's list of achievements and recent match history

Taiwan Wang ‘Stanley’ June Tsan nidaleeshenjayce

Stanley.PNGThe most versatile player out of any team, Taipei Assassin’s Stanley is force to be reckoned with. Known primarily for his Nidalee, Stanley does not stick with any champion long for he has been known to use over 20+ champions. Famous for his theory crafting and exotic champion picks, Stanley’s only focus is to win his lane and hold that advantage. TPA highly regards Stanley as he is the only player on the team with free reign to choose what he believes to help the team most.

TPA in 2012 placed 1st in S2 World Championships, S2 Taiwanese Regional Finals, Garena Premier League S1, Starswar 7, and GPL S1 Opening Event.

- Stanley's list of achievements and recent match history

United States Marcus ‘Dyrus’ Hill darius rumbleolaf

Dyrus.jpgThe fan favorite player Dyrus makes his way into the best top laner for Team Solo Mid. Dyrus started off the year sizzling hot with his plays and dominated in the North American scene everywhere. Truly one of the LoL veterans, Dyrus houses a wide range of champions for his top lane dominance, from Darius to Singed, allowing his playstyle to adjust accordingly. Incredibly laid back and loved by fans everywhere, Dyrus places as one of the most feared North American top laners.

Throughout 2012 TSM has managed 1st place in S2 NA Regional Finals, IPL Face Off, MLG 2012 Spring Championship, and IPL4.

- Dyrus's list of achievements and recent match history

China Wei ‘Caomei’ Handong olaf vladimir irelia

Caomei.PNGCaomei’s name is placed on this list after showing the world at IPL5 just how scary a fruit can be. World Elite’s top laner is truly one that synergizes well with the team with hyper aggression. Known for playing champions like Olaf, Vladimir, and Irelia, Caomei never misses a chance to engage. Caomei loves to push his advantage by going for early level dives, which often leaves his enemies returning to lane completely devastated.

Team WE obtained gold from IPL5, Tencent Game Arena Grand Prix Winter 2012, World e-Sports Masters 2012, World GameMaster Tournament 2012, and Tencent Game Arena Grand Prix 2012.

- Caomei's list of achievements and recent match history


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