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Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 13 April 2005 17:58

SK Telecom, the Real Madrid of Brood War, recently signed new contracts with their game staff. With these new contracts, BoxeR became the best paid player in Korea with an annual salary of 260,000 USD. The contract with BoxeR lasts for three years, which is until 2008. The other players and staff also got new contracts.

boxer.gifThe Chinese site reports of SK Telecom signing new contracts with their sponsored team T1, a happening that put
Korea BoxeR in the lights again. Lim Yo Hwan, more known as BoxeR got himself a mighty annual raise to 180,000 USD. He will also be given an even bigger salary if he performs at his best in the leagues - 80,000 USD more at most. This breaks the previous record which was held by NaDa who signed a contract last August for 200,000 USD.

First long contract for BoxeR

"I always admire other players for their long contracts, "they have the stable home" I said to myself." said BoxeR in an interview with and translated by Emlary over at Now that he got himself a similar contract he feel very relieved but also an odd kind of pressure that he finds hard to explain.

SK Telecom T1 posing.

iloveoov, Kingdom and GoRush raises as well

But not only BoxeR got himself a fine raise - Korea iloveoov, Korea Kingdom and Korea GoRush each got themselves nic raises. iloveoov signed a 3-year-contract with an annual salary of 150,000$ USD, tripling last year's income. And the Protoss captain Kingdom also signed a 3-year-contract of 300,000 USD, and the Zerg captain GoRush 100,000 USD for one year.

Links - Original newspost (Chinese) - Translated newspost by Emlary


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