Gorush and Midas to SKT T1

StarCraft Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

The team of the famous Terran Emperor Boxer has just recently signed a contract with two of the most successful players in the korean scene lately.

Gorush, the rising star in the Ongamenet Starleague is a well known player since ages. However, Gorush just recently made himself a name when he only lost to NaDa, the later champion, in the OGN Starleague semi-final.


Midas, on the other hand, is currently ranked 9th in the latest KeSPa Rankings, still waiting for the Big Bang, but always around with the top players.
Both, Midas and Gorush, left their former team Suma GO to join SKT T1.
With these additions SKT T1 might finally be able to compete with KTF.

Before SKT T1 lacked a very good Zerg and Gorush proved himself to be so and Midas would be a good addition to any team, because of his consistency.

FighterForum - Source and information (korean)