Jangbi: The last Brood War champion

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 05 August 2012 02:10

With a final score of 3-1, Samsung KHAN's Jangbi prevailed over SKT's Fantasy in the 33rd and final OSL.

In hall filled to burst with people, Jangbi and Fantasy met for the second time in a row to determine who will be the champion to put the full stop to the 13-year long Brood War history of the OSL. The protoss brought along his motivation to defend his Jin Air 2011 OSL title while Fantasy was armored in his terran shell of unheard-of 90%+ win ratio in the last year.

A 3-stargate carrier opening caught Fantasy off guard for the 1-0 but an exemplary terran play by him on New Sniper Ridge brought a tie to the score. On Electric Circuit, Jangbi used a proxy reaver build, its effect enhanced by a couple of micro mistakes by Fantasy, to bring it to 2-1, just one game away from a championship.

The Gladiator set began with a fake double from Fantasy but very soon he found out that Jangbi wasn't the one being "tricked" as a one-base DT was already on the way. With an academy or an engineering bay nowhere near to be seen, Fantasy could do nothing but watch everything of his die, including his hopes of a championship.

Below you can find all VODs from the grand final series, including the last OSL Legend match between Boxer and Yellow!


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