Clide now coach at KT Rolster

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 26 July 2012 10:00

Jessica, manager of the SlayerS team announced on her twitter that Clide will help the KeSPA team in form of coaching. He will work with Flash and his teammates to improve their currently disappointing Proleague standing.

As things are in turmoil at the SlayerS house with player departures, demotions and additions, another one of their players decided to pursue a different path and joined one of the most prestigious teams in StarCraft. A post on Twitter by SlayerS’ Jessica said that Han “Clide” Kyu Jong will leave the team to help coach KT Rolster. The KeSPA team is as of now in second to last place in the hybrid Proleague and is in dire need of improvement to make the cut.

Teams like Woongjin Stars, who hired former SlayerS coach Won “Ryu” Ryu in May, and Team 8 with their addition of Kim “Cezanne” Jung Hwan of oGs fame last month, fare significantly better in the competition, and may indicate the importance of a Wings of Liberty expert in the transition phase.

Source: TL thread


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