Tuesday, 12:30: FlaSh against FanTaSy in last OSL semi final

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 16 July 2012 22:53

Don't miss out on FlaSh versus FanTaSy in tomorrow's TVing OnGameNet Starleague semi final at 12:30 CET. It will be the last OSL semi final in all of StarCraft: Brood War history.

Korea FlaSh 0:0 FanTaSy Korea
Player vs Player map
FlaSh = FanTaSy @ Neo Ground Zero
FlaSh = FanTaSy @ Neo Electric Circuit
FlaSh = FanTaSy @ New Sniper Ridge
FlaSh = FanTaSy @ Gladiator
FlaSh = FanTaSy @ Neo Ground Zero
Place your bets!

Fans who missed their recent collision in the Proleague which showed how polished and perfected these two Terran players have become gets another chance tomorrow as FlaSh and FanTaSy play in a best-of-five semi final in the OnGameNet Starleague.

While both will be remembered as two of the best late 00s' and 10s' Terrans, only one will have a chance at the grand final where the reigning champion JangBi awaits.

Last time we saw these two in one of the invidividual majors was in the semi final of the Bigfile MBCGame Starleague back in 2010 where FlaSh edged out a 3-2 victory in what was one of the most exciting and breath-taking TvT series in modern history.

Head over to tomorrow at 12:30 to see KT Rolster's FlaSh go up against SK Telecom T1's FanTaSy.


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