The KeSPA elite in the OSL preliminaries next week

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 13 July 2012 13:33
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July 19th will see the offline KeSPA preliminaries for the OGN StarLeague carried out, featuring eSports legends such as Jaedong, Bisu, Stork, Effort, Baby and more.

Next week will be a busy one for the OSL. On Monday, July 16th, the first batch of the non-KeSPA dual tournament matches will be played, and three days later on July 19th, the KeSPA players will be summoned for offline preliminaries.

The contenders are divided into ten single elimination Bo3 brackets and only the winner of each group will advance further, qualifying for the KeSPA dual tournament, which is expected to start at the end of the month.

The current OSL top four - Flash, Fantasy, ZerO and Jangbi - have been directly seeded into the next stage and will not have to play in the preliminaries.

Group A
Action vs Dream.t)check / Bong[S.G]
Turn vs Dear
By.Sun vs Iris
Size vs Light

Group B
Stork vs hudadak / Fokins
Modesty vs Firebathero
Baby vs Sascsri
Lizzy vs Leta

Group C
Soulkey vs Acacia / Yourosia
Guemchi vs Sea
Hydra vs Shuttle
Soo vs Chavi / YooTaeHo

Group D
Effort vs Ssak / hitman
Piano vs Trap
Shy vs Mind
Shine vs Ryul2 / Kang Ki-Hoon

Group E
Mini vs By.Hero / Mercury
Juni vs Wooki
Snow vs Orion
Bisu vs BiSang / Speed

Group F
Stats vs SongDury / Sherry
Alone vs Classec
Reality vs M18M
Jaedongs vs Nagi / Rare

Group G
Roro vs Peace / yeOngJae
BarrackS vs Free
SkyHigh vs Movie
Last vs Paralyze / Hope

Group H
Horang2 vs Kang Min-Soo / MyungSik
Hon_Sin vs Calm
Jaehoon vs Sharp
Best vs great / Penguin

Group I
Crazy-Hydra vs Rudy / Odin
Hyun vs Kal
Hero[join] vs Ggaemo
Bogus vs Sang / Shout

Group J
Hyvaa vs s2 / Park Jin-Seok
Tyson vs Canata
Flying vs BByong
Hoejja vs Kop / Comet

Unfortunately, there has been no information about whether the qualifiers will be broadcast at all.

Source: Team Liquid


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