Today's OSL semi final: Jangbi vs ZerO

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 10 July 2012 10:41
Photos by:, NeverGG

At 12:30 CET today, July 10th, Jangbi and Zero come on stage to play the first semi final of the last ever Brood War OSL. The defending champion is confident after his 3-1 win against Mini and ZerO will have to master whatever ZvP ingenuity he possesses.

Zero enters the match-up with statistics on his side with a 60% win-rate against protoss, seven wins in the last ten ZvP matches and even two victories against Jangbi himself in the 10-11 Proleague. Overcoming the defending champion will be a tall order, however, as Jangbi will viciously strive to make it to a second OSL final in a row and possibly be the third player to win two back-to-back OSLs in the history of Brood War.

The map pool is Neo Ground Zero, Neo Electric Circuit, Gladiator, New Sniper Ridge and Neo Ground Zero once again. At 12:30, we hit the play button on the streams!


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