sHy wins first KeSPA vs GSL Cross Match

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 09 July 2012 15:21
In a curious attempt to see how KeSPA players fare in the realm of StarCraft 2, a small cross league tournament was played. As the players were not bound to disclose their identity, assumptions about skill differences remain vague.

Ever since the hybrid Star League has been announced, StarCraft 2 and BroodWar fans alike wonder about when and how big the impact of the KeSPA will prove itself to be. In a considerably small attempt to display and test the progress of the BroodWar players in terms of practice, a GSL/KeSPA cross tournament was thrown out.

Since only the winners of the first round had their team name revealed and the overall winner named, three of the four participants, two from each league, stay largely incognito. Considering the confirmed Code A (or higher) status, it might be quite as surprising to see a KeSPA player come out ahead. Ultimately, Woongjin Stars' sHy beat his first round Terran opponent as well as the finalist from Startale.

While the Terran's performance in the first match was barely Code A worthy, the final turned out to be a very enticing PvP. On the first map, both players appeared to be content with just poking here and there and while the GSL player's Storm and Zealot drops crippled sHy's economy, it wasn't until the 45th minute that his army finally gave in.

In the second map, we learned that Blink Stalkers are doing fairly well against Stargate first, as even forcefields weren't enough to keep sHy out of his opponents base and thus from levelling the score to 1-1.

In the deciding map we saw a standard PvP with DT intermissions that was decided mostly by the last engagement when the GSL troops were simply pulverized forcing him to GG and giving the win to the BroodWar player.

Below you will find the two hour VOD of the mini-tournament.

A similar cross league tournament was announced for Monday next week.

Source: GOMtv (Korean)


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