VODs: FanTaSy three-zeroes soO to reach tving OSL semi final

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 07 July 2012 14:07
fantsy-240150.jpgMyung Hoon "FanTaSy " Jung made the process short with a quick three-zero win over Yoon Su "soO" Eu in the last leg of the tving OnGameNet Starleague quarter finals. In case you missed the matches, check them out below.

The semi final was overshadowed by the "legends" showmatch between NaDa and AnyTime as NaDa was thanked off in a ceremony following his retirement announcement.

FanTaSy will head in to the semi final of the Starleague with FlaSh as his opponent. The other leg sees JangBi go up against ZerO.

Game 1: FanTaSy vs. soO @ Neo Ground Zero

Game 2: FanTaSy vs. soO @ Gladiator

Game 3: FanTaSy vs. soO @ Neo Electric Circuit


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