GosuLeague: Mousesports and M5 to open tonight's triple-header

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 29 June 2012 15:39


GosuLeague continues today with three more matches. We will make sure you are entetained as we feature matches at 16:00, 18:00 and 20:30. And first up we have Mousesports taking on Moscow Five.

Mousesports has a chance to get up to first place in the league if they score a 2-0 victory over Moscow 5. Mouz will then put the pressure on mTw as they will have 11 points against mtW's 10. syndereN and his team mates will have the championship point in hand when they go up against the same Moscow 5 tomorrow.

Moscow 5 do, however, have a chance at reaching the top three as they have three matches to finish before the season ends. They sit at 3 meager points, but should they cap three wins during these two days they have a chance to land top three as they play the top spot contenders mTw and mousesports in two of their remaining three matches.

GosuGamers got hold of Florian "PaisY" Schmedes, seasoned team manager of Mousesports to check the pulse on the team before the game.

What are your team's thoughts coming into the last match of the season?

- "We go into this match full with confidence. Our record against M5 is pretty good and we are currently in a great shape as well. I think overall our performance in the GosuLeague was good, except that we once again were not able to beat our nemesis mTw. A 2-0 victory today is important to take the lead in the ranking back and put mTw under pressure for their last match," commented PaisY just an hour before the match versus Moscow 5.

Let's just briefly touch base on yesterday's game versus mTw. Two very quick games - how was the team spirit and what went through your guys' heads afterwards?

- "Well, obviously the team was in a bad mood and disappointed in themselves right after. Since the TI Qualifier and DreamHack Semifinals we strife for vengeance. I count mTw as THE team to beat at the moment. The morale is back up already and we will try our best with the next attempt against mTw," PaisY admitted.

The game will kick off at 16:00, and will be casted by Greg "WhatIsiHip" Laird.

16:00 CET
Germany Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier
Netherlands WehSing 'SingSing' Yuen
Netherlands Alaan 'SexyBamboe' Faraj
Canada Sivatheeban '1437' Sivanathapillai
Romania Alexandru 'ComeWithMe' Craciunescu
Bet!Russia Airat 'Silent' Gaziev
Russia Vladimir 'PlzGoGame' Anosov
Russia Ivan 'vigoss' Shinkarev
Russia Igor 'M.Admiration' Kalnysh
Russia Vadim 'bloodangel' Trushkin


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