VIDEO: A History of The Starleague - Part 1

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 14 June 2012 10:25
historyofosl-240.jpgTo help us remember, and to help us cherish the moments of the OnGameNet Starleague, the champions of hype will release lookback every week til the grand final. Here is the first clip.

Ktk on TeamLiquid has translated the speaker voice, and it goes as follows:

- "The sport that rose from small monitors. What came from this small world created stories has brought smiles and tears to our faces. For thirteen long years, the continuing tale: The Starleague. How, and why did we take part in this? We will begin telling the story now.

Starleague rose from a 2-player strategy game - by '99, Starcraft had exploded; it became so popular that a new word, "to star" (shorthand for "to play Starcraft"), was recognized among young adults across the country. Additionally, something no one had imagined before, a game tournament - The '99 Progamer Korea Open was formed. While Starcraft first spread throughout Korean culture, Starleague was born.

The budding Starcraft tournament that began on a table tennis table teamed up with Ongamenet after naming itself "Starleague", and became the foundation of this scene.

Players gathered to make their name in Starleague, and with them came the fiery interest of the fans. And there was the ever-increasing number of Starcraft competitions. Of all these competitions, let's find the colors unique to Starleague. Where could you find these?

Black. Red. White. These three colors make the Starleague logo. The emblem of a pro-gamer holding a mouse.[1]

To further experiment with Starcraft as an e-sport: the Round Of 8 Outdoors Tour. To match the league concept every year, there was a unique, newly made opening.[2]

For the best games with the best players, the "time capsule" was introduced. (soundproof booths)

To cater to the generation of "sport-ainment", Starleague even started implementing "Stargirls".[3]

Thirteen years after Starleague was formed, its colors have been a game of "find the hidden picture".

Still, this game is not over.

To be continued."



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