NoisE Amateur Starleague enters group stage phase

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 26 April 2012 16:29
Firing off on April 29th, 32 amateur BroodWar players will give start to the group stage of the NoisE Amateur Starleague.

Games will be cast by L_Master (on Saturdays at 22:00 CET) and EleGant (on Fridays at 20:00 CET). The group stage format is round robin with top two advancing to the next stage.

Group Stage
Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
Reclusive Hollow Wands Plus
MarkM m4nu Fold Lumire
Action Kororo Zimp Noise
Pending Zangetsu Blade Quirinus
Group 5Group 6Group 7Group 8
Rush Dsyxelic S2glow Alec
Zamnal Mewka Asmodey Ajmbek
Probe Oxyacety Icotuza Zeran
Wallace Toka Letalis Splax

Source: Team Liquid


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