SKT T1 are the new SPL Champions!

Posted by Good "Esc4toN" Bye at 08 April 2012 16:28
After five long months of fighting for the tittle of the best team in the SK planet Starcraft Proleague, SKT T1 took the win in very intense and exciting BO7 match.

We have seen some amazing comebacks, drops and even an ACE match, everything that can be expected from the top Korean Brood War players.

Korea SKT T1 4:3 KT Rolster Korea
Player vs Player map
Bisu > Wooki @ Neo Chain Reaction
FanTaSy > Flash @ Ground Zero
n.Die_soO < Action @ Jade
Ssak < Crazy-Hydra @ Sniper Ridge
Sun > Stats @ Neo Outlier
BeSt < HoeJJa @ Neo Electric Circuit
Bisu > Flash @ Neo Chain Reaction

The new OSL season just started but also we hope to see new SPL season kicking off soon.

Congratulations to SKT T1, this year's winners of SK planet Starcraft Proleague Season 1, and also congratulations to the KT for taking the second spot.


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