Mineski clinch gold and $2,500 at Razer Dota 2

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 11 March 2012 14:12
RR, Julz, Wootz, Owa, Bimbo

The grand finals of the Razer Dota 2 tournament was an all too familiar affair as Malaysian powerhouse Orange took on the Filipino juggernauts Mineski in a best of one showdown. The latter emerged victorious after forty odd minutes of play, taking home the grand prize of $2,500 and a load of Razer merchandise.

Razer Dota 2 Finals
Philippines MineskiMalaysia Orange
tiny chen tidehunter

mirana shadow shaman
leshrac natures prophet lifestealer

earthshaker crystal maiden

With a lineup consisting of strong burst damage, Mineski was able to establish an early lead with the presence of Chen, forcing Orange to cash all their chips on securing Yamateh's farm with Lifestealer. A few hasty mistakes saw Mineski seemingly over extending and giving Lifestealer a triple kill, although Tiny later ended his triple kill with one of his own.

Crucially, Julz's Mirana was able to survive in many of the early fights and continued to farm at an amazing speed, completing her Linken's Sphere and Manta Style before the 30 minute mark.

However, an aggressive push into Orange's base backfired for the Philippine team and the former immediately capitalized by taking down Roshan, making it seem that Mineski were slowly losing their grasp of the game. With time progressing and Lifestealer getting stronger by the minute, Mineski decided to gather together and push.

Despite having Earthshaker, Leshrac and Prophet, Orange was unable to withstand the onslaught of Mineski's push. With the number of spells available in Mineski's lineup, Lifestealer was forced to skip his Mjollnir and leave it at a Maelstrom instead, and buy a Black King Bar to survive in fights.

Ice, Winter, Yamateh

As Mineski decided to push top, a crucial mistake by Yamateh's Lifestealer saw him waste his 10 seconds of BKB, as Shadow Shaman used his own BKB to escape as well. With Lifestealer's BKB on cooldown, Mineski stormed into Orange's base via top.

Lifestealer lost his aegis in the fight and Mineski was able to destroy top rax. Whilst Yamateh was still unable to complete his Mjollnir, it was Julz that had added that item into his inventory.

It almost seemed that Lady Luck was with the Pinoys, as a Double Damage rune allowed Julz and Mineski to take down Roshan quickly just as Orange was forced to defend their top and middle lanes.

In a push towards their bottom lane, an Earthshaker blink dagger combo caught Mineski off guard and saw Orange winning the fight, but after they gained knowledge of the dagger, Mineski proceeded with care.

The final fight saw Tiny and Tide distracting the Orange lineup while Mirana comfortably and calmly took down the bottom raxes. Orange called GG, and Mineski are the official winners of the Razer Dota 2 tournament held in Singapore.


With this win, Mineski have demonstrated that they are an up and coming force to be reckoned with in the South East Asian Dota 2 competitive scene, and whether or not the scene may finally get recognition on the international stage hinges on how it all plays out for Mineski and close competitors Orange in the coming months.

But for now, Mineski have once again kept the Filipino flag flying high, and South East Asia has found its new champion.

Razer Dota 2
Standings Teams Prizes
First Place Philippines Mineski$2,500 + Razer Merchandise
Second Place Malaysia Orange$1,000 + Razer Merchandise
Third Place Singapore Aeon$500 + Razer Merchandise
Fourth Place
Myanmar GoGRazer Merchandise


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