Ex-EHOME players seek sponsors

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 05 February 2012 06:53

357, KingJ, Dai, Awoke, Crystal

In the past week we have brought you news of the disbandment of two former powerhouses in chinese DotA; and TyLoo. With WE also officially replacing Crystal with XiaoLuo, this has left quite a number of free agents in the scene.

Born from the ashes of the teams which have fallen, we have confirmation of the birth of a new team. In an official annoucement on SGamer, Crystal, 357, KingJ, Dai as well as Awoke are actively seeking sponsors.

Team Roster:
China 357
China KingJ
China Dai
China Awoke
China Crystal

Even with this star-studded lineup it remains to be seen if the team can fill the void left by the disbandment of the traditional strongholds of Chinese DotA. Stay tuned for more updates regarding their quest for sponsors.

SGamer - Source


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