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The program simulates an abstract StarCraft:Broodwar environment and calculates the time a certain build order needs. By comparing different build orders, randomly changing them and taking the best build order for the next generation, the build order is improved step by step. StarCraft build orders fit perfectly for this algorithm called 'Hill-Climbing'

clemens2.jpgA beautiful program that uses maths and coding to express just one more facet of our addiction to this game. It is the creation of a brilliant individual, Clemens Lode, who goes by the name Germany AMB|claw. You can find all the information you need at his site www.clawsoftware.de. I personally highly recommend you to at least play around with it because you will learn a few new things. Whether you use it with any meaningful purpose is your decision.

This program reminded me of an old program I downloaded once called Starcalc, that allowed one to create build orders by trial and error using computer power. One could set specific goals such as "shortest time to make 16 hydra drop". It would work by making as many trial-and-error builds as you set the program to run. The more calculations you wanted the more cpu power or time you needed. Much to my surprise when I checked Evolution Forge's history I found out that Stacraft calculator, or Starcalc is of course a precursor of Evolution Forge. The author has obviously come a very long way from his early coding experiences. Starforge has the same spirit as the old Starcraft calculator but is much vastly more elaborate and with other alternatives than just brute
force "evolutionary" methods of finding the best builds.

If you like reading about Evolutionary Algorithms, I suggest you read the article he has written about the subject. His site also has other interesting articles and links. If on the other hand you do not have time for words and more words, by all means check out the description of the program at
» ClawSoftware.de and if it is your thing go check it out. You can also go straight for the » Evolution Forge 1.61 Screenshots.

Initial introduction is a direct quote from Clemens Lode. Source, photo source of Clemens Lode and program available at www.ClawSoftware.de. DNA picture source: http://www.members.aol.com/wayneheim/3d.htm Found the news reading one of my favorite sites: www.broodwar.de.

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