ZpuX, LastShadow in Brood War bachelor showmatch series

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 06 August 2011 10:25
scbw-bachelor.jpgA picture of the soon-to-be married happy couple.

GosuGamers duo Tobias "ZpuX" Nilsson and Nick "LastShadow" De Cesare will be featuring in a very special showmatch series tonight 18:30 CET.

The story began with two brothers who played a lot of StarCraft: Brood War back in the day. One of them even ended up taking silver medal at a Swedish event. As it often happens, they grew up and did not touch the game for many years. But now, as a part of one of the brothers' bachelor party, he will once again be in the heat of action playing the game.

ZpuX and LastShadow will hop on to play a couple of 2on2 matches with the two brothers. Expect a ton of fun with odd strategies and likely some 'oops' and 'ohs'.

The showmatch will be casted by Johan "Greth" Martens and Marius "LML". Make sure to tune in at Justin.TV/GrethSC at 18:30 CET to catch the series!


Update: The match ended in favour of the bachelor and his team mate ZpuX! LastShadow and the bachelor's little brother won the first game played out on on Lost Temple, but then lost two consecutive games on The Hunters and Dire Straits.


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