Gosu Weekly #7 around the corner

Posted by Marius "LML" Zächer at 15 July 2011 23:34
The seventh week is already knocking at the door and it's soon time to let it in. Take a look at this week's mappool and where to sign up.

As every week, we will present you a different mappool, this week goes with the WCG theme, as WCG decided to stick with a very similiar mappool for so long, way too long if you ask most of the people.
Round 1: BlueStorm
Round 2: Peaks of Baekdu
Round 3: Gaia
Round 4: Paranoid Android
Round 5: Azalea

It took until 2009 for them to realize that Gaia, Azalea and Paranoid Android are not the latest played maps anymore and hence they added totally new ones in, but this week we will feature exactly those old maps which we have been able to witness amazing games on as White-Ra and Stork battling it out on Azalea for several times due to a tie breaker or Pj defeating sAviOr on Gaia to take home the best of three.
Not it is up to you to decide the next games on these maps by simply signing up, playing and having alot of fun while enjoying StarCraft.

When: Sunday, July 17, 2011 - 20.00CET
Where: Channel GosuWeekly on iCCup
How to participate: Sign up now and confirm 30 minutes before the start

Due to problems with our tournament page, it is recommended not to use the Opera or FireFox web browsers while viewing the brackets.

If everything goes as planned Greth from SC2GG will stream the event on his channel.

Links - Sign up now and don't forget to confirm 30 minutes ahead - Greth's stream channel


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