Bisu takes down Jaedong - SK Telecom T1 to finals

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 06 April 2011 16:45

Bisu could lead his team SK Telecom T1 to victory when he won the seventh set against Jaedong in the ShinHan Winners League playoff. SK Telecom T1 will now go up against KT Rolster in the grand final this weekend.

Bisu was thrown in on Fortress SE, after Jaedong had gone through SK Telecom T1 players s2 and Fantasy in the previous rounds.

With great use of corsairs, zealots and archons, Bisu could hold off Jaedong's offense to power up and take an expansion. Ahead in economy, Bisu could then overthrow Jaedong with a powerful dragoon, zealot, archon and high templar army.

- "I was worried that I wouldn't be able to play well, but I ended up doing fine. My PvZ has been in a vicious cycle, but beating Jaedong today helped me break out somewhat. Of course, if I had lost, that would have stoked me too," said Bisu.

"But I'm confident that my teammates can snipe opposing Protoss or Terran, so I can concentrate on PvZ."

Rolster's top player Flash will of course play a huge role in the grand final, but Bisu raised a warning finger.

- "Some might think KT's only truly good player is Flash, but that's definitely not true," said Bisu.

KT Rolster's two players YellOw and Reach have never won a team championship title, and mentioned they will do "everything within our power to achieve it this time". Rolster's "ultimate weapon" Flash mentioned in a press meetup that he will make sure to terminate his team's "jinx" of losing at the finals.

- "Now that we have Flash on the team, we will break the jinx once and for all," hope YellOw and Reach.

ShinHan Winners League Playoff
Hwaseung OZ3-4SK Telecom T1Map
Korea Killer 0-1 Korea Ssak @ La Mancha
Korea Dear 0-2 Korea Ssak @ Bloody Ridge
Korea Perfectman 1-2 Korea Ssak @ Aztec
Korea Perfectman 1-3 Korea s2 @ Circuit Breaker
Korea Jaedong 2-3 Korea s2 @ Empire of the Sun
Korea Jaedong 3-3 Korea Fantasy @ Icarus
Korea Jaedong 3-4 Korea Bisu @ Fortress SE

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