The second King of the Hill match has finished

Posted by Marius "LML" Zächer at 19 February 2011 22:09
Two weeks after BigPio managed to take the crown by defeating eOnzErG by 3-1, he met his new challenger today, who tried to take his crown away. The challenger was no other than the russian Terran player Ramms.

iFU.[r8]BigPio had two calm weeks to wear the crown and be on top of the hill, relaxing in his throne as the King. But tonight a challenger appeared who dared to fight him for the crown.
The opposing player was Ramms, a well known russian terran user who is currently holding the B+ rank in the ISL Ladder.
So BigPio stepped down from the Hill and started to fight the new challenger.
At first Ramms seemed to overwhelm the current King by getting an early lead of two to zero, but the King managed to hit back, evening the score out.
So a final fight was set to determine if the crown was to rest on the same head for some more time, which it doesn't, as Ramms managed to win the fifth and last game, beating BigPio by the final score of three to two.

GosuGamers King of the Hill - BigPio 2-3 Ramms
Poland BigPio<Russia Ramms Fighting Spirit
Poland BigPio<Russia Ramms Othello
Poland BigPio>Russia Ramms Outsider
Poland BigPio>Russia Ramms Destination
Poland BigPio<Russia Ramms Longinus

This makes Ramms the new King of the Hill and he will take place on the throne and wear the shiny crown for some time, until the next challenger appears and maybe he will be able to take all the shiny things away from Ramms!

Until then stay tuned for a possible replaycast for you to enjoy!
The replays are already available in our replay section.

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