The current progress in the ISL Ladder stage

Posted by Marius "LML" Zächer at 17 February 2011 16:13
Have you wondered if you should still join the fun and joy of playing StarCraft and laddering up on an ISL account, trying to get into the top 56 players of the ladder to advance? Find out if you can still do it, and even not, playing is still fun!

It's been eight days since the ladder started back on February 9th, and total of 392 players are in the iCCup Team for the ISL right now, having played almost ten thousand games already!

ISL Ladder Top 10
1B+Hungary Sziky
2B+Russia Ramms
3BRussia iFU.Mamon
4BPeru TerroR
5BPoland gNs.I-trutaCz
6B-Russia iFU.Casper
7B-Hungary sas.Ace
8B-Russia iFU.spx
9B-Netherlands Stimquick
10B-Chile osR-GoTuNk

The best players already managed to achieve the rank of the blue B+, with Sziky having 8101 points and holding the first place over Ramms who is close up with 8075 points. After that is a gap of almost a thousand points to the third ranked Mamon, who, together with TerroR and trutaCz, manages to hold the B rank.
The B- rank is following up with 20 players and after that are only yellow ranks left in the top 56, all holding at least the C rank.

A battle for the first fiftysix spots has been going on and it's getting harder and harder to get into it, but playing alot and that giving you practice might help you with getting higher in the iCCup ranks and also the ISL Ladder ranks.

So good luck to everyone still trying!

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