Ninth edition of the weekly tournament series is over

Posted by Marius "LML" Zächer at 17 February 2011 15:38
Past sunday the latest edition of the Tournament happened, it was the ninth in the order and brought us eOnzErG as the winner. Tour #9 Top 4
1$40 Spain iFU.eOnzErG
2$20 Hungary sas.Ace
3$10 Russia [SR]Tama
4$5 Hungary Sziky

Yet a different player managed to take over the Tournament, to win the grand prize of $40.
This week iFU.eOnzErG managed to take the crown, beating sas.Ace 3-0 in the finals, coming from the winner bracket he only had to win two games, starting 1-0 into the best of five series. In the winner bracket's finale eOnzErG was able to beat the third ranked [SR]Tama by 2-0 sending him down to the loser's bracket, where he had to face sas.Ace who manged to win the best of one and would put him into the grand finale to fight for the first place, which he got denied by iFU.eOnzErG, who already managed to send Ace to the loser's bracket in the semi finals of the winner bracket, by a clear two to zero score.

Of course alot of great players showed up, as every week, including FR.Heme, Ramms and Jumperer, who all didn't manage to take home any money this week, though.

As usual either the full replay package or the replay package of the winner can be downloaded from the tournament's page.

Next Sunday the next edition is going to happen. The sign up is already open and the check in will start on Sunday morning at 9.30CET, while the whole tournament is going to start around 10.15CET.

Edit: The tenth edition is going to be a 32 man tournament, consisting of players who did well over the past nine tournaments.
The grand prize is going to be $100, just for the first place and noone else.

Links - Download the replays from this tournament - The next tournament, featuring the best participants


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