Patch 4.0.6 live in NA

Posted by Jimmy "DJTyrant" Blocksom at 08 February 2011 22:26

Patch 4.0.6 is live on North American servers and should be live for European servers tomorrow.


There are lot of balance changes to dungeons, raids, and all of the classes. We have some of them below, but head on over to the official WoW site for the full details!

General Bug Fixes

Many holiday decorations have been updated to better align with the post-Cataclysm world. In addition, decorations should be visible in all Stormwind quest phases, and have returned to Gadgetzan. Party on, dudes!

Lunar Festival Sentinels anti-PvP guards have had their level and health/damage modifiers adjusted for Cataclysm.

Corpses now properly drop to the ground if a player is killed in midair.

Dying while using a Charge ability will no longer leave the player's corpse suspended in the air.

Spells with attachment point effect visuals should now display correctly.

Many spell effects which were no longer displaying properly have been corrected.

Players' pets should now properly benefit from Mana Spring Totem.

Players will now receive an error when attempting to spend talent points while dead or a ghost.

Sound Fixes

Sound shouldn't become de-synced during encounters with large amounts of sound effects.

Sound shouldn't cut out when there are a large amount of sound effects being played at once.

There should no longer be delays on some sounds in select situations.

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