Farm 4 Fame - Live English Shoutcast - Starting 19:00CET

Posted by Toby "TobiWanKenobi" Dawson at 08 February 2011 09:24
As the Farm 4 Fame 3.1 Tournament is finishing off it's round 2 there are still 2 matches to play and both will be played tonight starting at 19:00 CET.

Your 2 match ups for tonight will be:

LOST.EU (known as Browned Potatoes at the moment). vs DTS
MYM vs Shift

You can join the live stream chat at the site and also watch the embed of the shoutcast here as Tobi Wan takes you through the action.

CG TV - Live Stream
Gosu Bet Match 1 - Lost.EU vs DTS
Gosu Bet Match 2 - MYM vs Shift


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