Defiler Tour #7 brings us Heme as the winner

Posted by Marius "LML" Zächer at 03 February 2011 16:25
The seventh Tournament happend past sunday and last week's second, Heme, stepped up to be this week's first, beating his russian fellow Ramms by 3-0 in the finals.

Top Placements
1st$40 Russia FR.Heme
2nd$20 Russia Ramms
3rd$10 Germany LRM)Bakuryu
4th$5 UnitedStates Jumperer

Besides the winner, alot of other things changed in this week's tournament hosted by
First off the mappool changed, containing five different maps than the week before, secondly the prizepool changed from $70 to $75, whereas those five dollars have been added to the third ranked prize. Also the format was changed, the tournament still starts off with best of three series, but if you lose, you are not out of the tournament quite yet, there is still the loser's bracket to catch you up and give you another chance to run for the top spot.
Also the time slightly changed, from 10CET to 10.10CET.

This chance was given to, and used by, Heme, the final winner, himself. Losing in the winner bracket finals to Ramms by 2-0, he was able to beat Bakuryu 1-0 in the loser bracket's finale and then get back into the grand finale of the whole tournament, facing Ramms yet again.
The final itself was set to be a best of five, where Heme managed to take the upper hand this time and taking three out of four played games settling the score as a secure 3-1 (Ramms started 1-0 due to winning the winner bracket), giving him the first place prize of $40.

Last week's winner Sziky placed just out of range for a money prize, sharing the 5th/6th rank with Bylat).

Of course a replay pack is available at the tournament page, either downloadable as the whole tournament replay, or just the replay package of the winner.

It's already possible to sign up for the next tournament, which is going to be this Sunday, the 6th, starting at 10.10CET, while the check-in is required, which starts at 9.30CET.
The prizes are the same as this past sunday, and the mappool is different yet again, giving a constant change for the tournament.

Links - Past sunday's tournament, including replays - Sign up for this Sunday!


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