August Kespa Rankings are out!

Posted by João "Saier" Madeira at 03 August 2010 01:18
Another month has passed and the top two maintain their spots. Flash completes 6 months as nº 1 and the deadly dagger strikes again.

In the Top 30, major changes come from Bisu that climbs the ladder with 14 spots as he dressed his bee suit defeating three zergs in a row; Jaedong, Calm and Action; one Terran player - Iris, and 2 protosses; Movie and Snow, twice. Ending his slump and helping SKT come closer to the gold.

Another player to have an eye on is RorO who entered the top 20 by only playing Terran and mirror matches.

On the downfall is Really who lost 6 out of 8 games and Kwanro who only played 2 matches in the previous month.

KeSPA Rankings
RankPlayer NameTeamPoints+/- Ranking
1 FlashKT Rolster3,740.5-
2 JaedongHwaseung OZ2,803.5-
3 EffOrtCJ ENTUS2,102.3+1
4 FanTaSySK Telecom T11,989.0+2
5 KalSTX SOUL1,905.4-1
6 CalmSTX SOUL1,760.3-
7 LightMBCgame HERO1,744.5+1
8 ZerOWoongjin Stars1,581.8-1
9 SeaMBCgame HERO1,499.6+6
10 HiyAHwaseung OZ1,439.3+4
11 freeWoongjin Stars1,420.1+2
12 BisuSK Telecom T11,400.3+14
13 MovieCJ ENTUS1,335.8-4
14 Letahite SPARKYZ1,289.3+2
15 StorkSamsung Electronics KHAN1,260.0-3
16 BabyWemade FOX1,258.5-5
17 fOrGGKT Rolster1,190.3+4
18 KwanroWoongjin Stars1,187.3-8
19 ShineWemade FOX1,137.0-
20 RorOWemade FOX1,125.8+8
21 PureWemade FOX1,120.5-3
22 ActioneSTRO1,097.3+1
23 JangbiSamsung Electronics KHAN1,080.4-6
24 BeStSK Telecom T11,035.8+5
25 HyukSK Telecom T1987.4+5
26 StatsKT Rolster971.3-2
27 GreatSamsung Electronics KHAN966.8-5
28 MidasWemade FOX954.4+3
29 ReallyeSTRO950.3-9
30 SkyhighCJ ENTUS948.0-5

Kespa - August Ranking 2010


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