MYM Announces SC2 Roster, GARIMTO Joins

Posted by Roy "Phantom" Kwan at 28 April 2010 01:44
MeetYourMakers (MYM) has announced their StarCraft 2 team roster that includes the two-time OSL champion Kim Dong Soo, better known to the community as GARIMTO.

The 29 year-old will be apart of the team while still living in South Korea. He has signed a 15 month contract with MYM and will represent them in all StarCraft 2 tournaments and games. In return MYM will be paying for all his StarCraft 2 tournament related expenses. The contract came into effect on April 1st 2010, which would mean that it ends on June 30th 2011.

GARIMTO joins MYM's new StarCraft 2 team along with three other notable players from the StarCraft scene. They are are Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Bake, Dan 'Artosis' Stemkoski, and Maciej 'Raven' Polak.

DeMusliM was already a part of MYM in its WarCraft III team. He will now move on from that section into the StarCraft II team after successful runs in various tournaments in the beta.

Artosis recently returned to Korea from China after representing the United States at the StarsWar tournament. He along with his copatriots battled the U.S. into second place only losing to China, but defeated Korea. He is also well known for his shoutcasting and various appearances on

Last, but not least, Raven was a former member of the MYM StarCraft team. He is now making his return to MYM through the StarCraft 2 team. Raven was also a competitor in the GosuCup Invitational where he was knocked out in the quarter-finals by, eventual 4th place finisher and fellow teammate, DeMusliM.

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